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APP Tracking

NedTrack APP Tracking

The NedTrack GPS App makes real time following possible through the GPS of your tablet or smartphone. The following can start manually or through a pre-set work schedule, in which the App activates itself automatically during working days/hours.

The App also offers you the possibility of chatting with NedTrack web portal and back in order to avoid errors in data, for instance addresses, as often occur with spoken transmission of data. Furthermore it sends images, so in the case of a calamity an immediate image of the situation can be send to the Office.


Receiving status up-dates from field workers is also easy, with the App the driver can choose to send what he is doing, such as loading, unloading, waiting. Through the NedTrack web portal reports containing these statuses can be generated. In addition to the three mentioned statuses you have the possibility to define and create more statuses for yourself.
This app is perfect for events or incidental tracking solutions, but less suitable for rides registration.