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Container Tracking

NedTrack Container Tracking


Now a days companies need new ways to manage their containers and cargo. Back in the earlier days they could not imagine that remote tracking and managing containers and cargo would ever be an option, due to the mobile communication technology remote control over your valuables is a possibility and NedTrack makes it easy.

NedTrack Container is specially developed for tracking containers. Through the steel walls of the closed container it is almost impossible to receive a GPS/GSM signal, therefore we have created an mountable antenna on the outside of the container. We replace the ventilation grill by a grill with an integrated GPS/GSM antenna so that a good reception is guaranteed. The grill still looks like a normal ventilation grill so no one notices that the container is traceable. In case someone does notice and wants to disable the antenna the GPS will send an immediate tamper alarm.

NedTrack Container operates on battery voltage, so there is no need for an extra power supply, which makes him highly suitable for container tracking. The amount of locations you want to receive per day is self-adjustable and you also have the option to place a geofence, so you will receive a signal whenever the container (unauthorized) leaves this restricted area. The container tracker also has an 3D accelerometer which detects every container movement and it comes with a programmable (on/off/test/panic) button.

NedTrack container makes an end to the needless loss of your containers and cargo!