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Requirements of the tax authority - Ride Reports

Ride reports which meet the requirements of the tax authority.


Simple export of all ride data.

Conform Eisen Belastingdienst


You need to prove that your private kilometres do not exceed the yearly max of 500 km in order to avoid the additional tax liability for riding a company car. NedTrack offers you a fully automated ride registration and the ride reports are easy to export to an excel file, which makes them submit able. With NedTracks ride reports you can present the tax authority an accurate ride registration!



The ride reports need to contain the following to meet tax authority requirements:  

  • The make and type of the car
  • The licence plate number
  • The period of time the car was yours to ride
  • The ride data: the date, start and end position odometer, start and arrival address, the driven route and purpose of the ride (business of private) and the extra private kilometres (when you have a combined business and private ride).

Tiered addition
The current legislation states that when you drive more than 500 private kilometres a year you get an additional tax liability for riding a company car. This additional tax liability is a fixed percentage of the original car price, whether you drive 501 or 100.000 private kilometres. The government has expressed the wish to a more fair use policy in this matter: the more private kilometres you drive the more additional tax liability you have to pay, the tiered additional tax liability. The plan to act accordingly is there for years, but the final decision on this matter is still not taken.  

The advantages of tiered addition:

  • The additional tax liability becomes more realistic and fair. In case the driver has a few kilometres over the 500, he will be rewarded by paying less addition than other drivers who ride a substantial amount of private kilometres.
  • You can only make use of the tiered additional tax liability when you are using a ride registration, so as soon as the government decides, your NedTrack system will provide you, full automatically, with all the required data.

Employers advantages:

  • The private use of the company car shall be reduced in order to avoid high(er) additional tax liability because employees will think twice before taking the company car for private use or vacations. This results in a decrease of costs on both the employers and employee side.