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Machinery Management

NedTrack Materiaal Beheer


Everything of value, to you or your company, is worth tracking down in case of theft or loss. For instance (building)materials, machinery, cranes, lift trucks, generators, portable construction lamps, digging machinery etc.


With NedTrack you know where they are!


With NedTrack you secure your material or machinery by the remote control it gives you by showing the real time location(s) at any given time of the day. In case materials or machinery gets stolen, you automatically will be alarmed and in a split second you can find out where your belongings are.

Following of materials or machinery works in a different way, because there usually is no need for track&trace 24/7, but only in case of unauthorized movement, on call, in case of theft or emergency. NedTrack offers you the suitable solution!

  • Direct visual of the exact real time location of your materials or machinery
  • Notification whenever machinery leaves a restricted area (geofence)
  • Notification as soon as the machines move
  • GPS/GSM coverage throughout whole Europe
  • Automatic record of important data for instance the fuel consumption and the machine working hours so that you can control the maintenance needs and schedule maintenance in advance.