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Frequently Asked Questions


      What is GPS tracking?
      NedTrack operates on GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Within seconds the location on earth can be determined through satellites. The technique combined with NedTrack ensures optimal localisation of your fleet, vehicles or vessels, material or people.

      What are the costs?
      NedTrack offers you affordable prices for all the track & trace solutions. To find out what your NedTrack solution will cost you, please ask for a free proposal.

      Is leasing an option?
      Leasing your NedTrack system is also an option. The estimated costs for lease start from 19,95 per month. This monthly amount covers all costs. For more information and the lease conditions please contact us.

      Contract period?
      The length of your contract period is for you to determine. The most profitable month rate is in the 3 years contract. 1 or 2 years contract periods are also possible.

      Do I have to pay extra for updates?
      Any updates are free of charge for NedTrack customers.

      Does NedTrack operates in foreign countries?
      NedTrack operates throughout whole Europe.

      Is NedTrack available in other languages?
      The web portal is available in Englisch and Dutch. If you desire a web portal in another language please contact us so that we can explore the possibilities

      Does NedTrack meets the requirements of the tax authority?
      NedTrack has a standard report which meets the requirements of the tax authority in order to avoid additional tax liability.


      What is the location of installation?
      Our mechanics come to your location for the NedTrack installation.

      Can I install NedTrack myself?
      Yes you can if you want to. However we advise the installation be done by our mechanic. That way we can guarantee the quality of our product and you will receive additional instructions from our mechanic.

      What’s the timeframe of the installation process?
      It takes approx. 1 hour to install the NedTrack. If you have ordered optional accessories it may take a bit longer.

      Installation after office hours?
      Installation after office hours and also at weekends is possible for a small surcharge.

      Is the NedTrack visual for the driver?
      The NedTrack is not visual for the driver, we make sure that it’s fully built-in. In case of optional accessories we cannot guarantee the same, this depends on the accessories.

      What do I have to do in case of car replacement?
      If you get another car we can replace the NedTrack. Just contact us and we will let you know the costs and the date our mechanic can be at your service.


      What is the signal frequency of NedTrack?
      NedTrack uses 3 criteria for sending signals:
      Time frame : for instance 1 signal every 10 minutes
      Angle change : automatic signal by taking a turn
      Distance : interval signal while driving a distance

      How long is the warranty period?
      All our products have a 2 year warrantee period.

      I already have a GPS unit from another company, can I use this in the NedTrack web portal?
      It’s possible to implement a variety of track & trace systems in our web portal, contact us for more details and information!

      Web portal possibilities

      Can I see if the engine is running?
      The GPS records if the engine is running. For instance a digging machine standing in one place with a running engine, will show a running engine in the web portal.

      Does NedTrack has the ability of digital fencing(geofence)?
      You can draw a digital fence on the map in the NedTrack web portal. After digital fencing you will receive a signal whenever the set area is entered of left.

      Is there a driver and passengers registration?
      By using the iButton, one or multiple persons can sign in with a key-chain, that way registration of who is in the car takes place. You can also make a setting that the engine only starts after the driver has signed in.

      Which reports are available?
      Whether you want a report showing rides, or workday starting hours of your employee, or the drive and rest periods, all reports can be defined. It’s even possible to let this reports been mailed to you at the exact time you want to receive them.