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Green Driving

NedTrack green driving

With Green Driving you get a clear view on the driving behaviour of the drivers. Excessive driving behaviour results in unnecessary fuel- and maintenance costs, and it causes accidents and damage cases

NedTrack offers you a variety of possibilities to analyse the driving behaviours. We measure the driving behaviour using different factors/metrics. These measurements contain the driven speeds, diverted kilometres, the taken turns and the speed- and break behaviour. All these values give you a clear picture of the behaviour of your drivers.

Confrontation with poorly driving characteristics can lead to change and improvement of driving behaviour by the drivers, which leads up to 10% savings in fuel costs and a reduction of CO2 emissions. These savings and reductions can improve even more if the company decides to arrange drivers training for its employees. When the drivers are trained in good driving this will lead to savings of 15 to 20%, the risk of damage and accidents will be reduced, and last but not least  the costs for maintenance and repair will decrease!

The analysed data can also be used to make Green Driving a corporate challenge and statement. NedTrack provides you all the driver behaviours you need to make the drivers performances measurable and transparent. This way you can make your employees aware of their good and not so good driving characteristics. Perhaps you can reward your employees for good driving habits, making Green Driving a competitive challenge.