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NedTrack green driving

Nedtrack has its own mechanic department so we are independent and highly flexible in fulfilling wishes and requirements of our clients and resellers. Installation after office hours and in weekend is also possible whenever required.* Our mechanics install the system in the entire Benelux

Building, installation and/or configurationĀ 
Our mechanics are divided over the country, which means we can swiftly and adequately respond to a request for installation at any time. The operation of the system and the installation quality of our mechanics is guaranteed, because we invest in their skills and train them to work according to the prescribed installation schedule.

Nedtrack has a helpdesk available during office hours. Malfunctions can often be solved remotely, so they have a limited disruption. If, however, a malfunction cannot be fixed by remote support, we will send you a mechanic to solve the problem.

* Installation after office hours and in weekends is available at a small surcharge.