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Persoons Tracking

NedTrack Persoons Tracking


Sometimes it is desirable or even necessary to follow people. This may the case when you want to keep track of for instance elderly people who suffer from memory loss and get lost easily, or in case a loved one is going to travel and you want to make sure that they stay safe and can easily be traced during their trip.

This portable tracker has a panic button, if pressed once you will be able to track down your loved one or any other person in need or destress, so that you know where they are and can arrange immediate help. Through our web portal you can follow this tracker real time, 24/7. So you are always in contact with the people who need this extra tracking care. The portable tracker has an optional external power supply, a magnet clip and many more.


The portable NedTrack tracker is ideally suitable for kids, elderly people, suitcases with valuables in it or vehicles which transfer people, such as cars, boats or bikes. Due to its compact size (size is equal to a box of matches) the tracker is very easy to take with you were ever you go and fits almost anywhere because of its small size.

The portable tracker is stand-by up to 6 days (in case of 1 position every 10 minutes), its waterproof and there is no need to install it. With its size of a box of matches and its weight of 60 grams you just put it in a pocket!