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Driver logbook

NedTrack Driver logbook

NedTrack keeps your Driver logbook on track! The installed tracker records all the ride data and vehicle movements accurately and sends them, for your eyes only because of your own access code, to the web portal. You will find a complete registration of all rides and ride histories in the web portal and can easily print the exact reports you need. These very detailed data are online available for a period of 7 years.

What is Driver logbook?
In order to avoid additional tax liability you need to prove that you haven’t exceed the 500 kilometres a year limit in your company car. A digital Rides Registration, which NedTrack provides, is the easiest way to prove that you haven’t exceeded this limit.

You will be able to see your rides real time online, including your travelled times, your departure and arrival times, travelled kilometres and visited addresses. By the push of one button you can see or design your own reports and you have the possibility to determine your own time period and all data can be exported to an Excel file, which you can provide to the tax authorities.

We also offer you the possibility to receive the reports in your mail, once a week at a fixed time. It doesn’t get any easier than this!
Read ‘requirements of the tax authority’ if you want to have more information about this matter.