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Train and Wagon Tracking

NedTrack Trein en Spoorweg Tracking


NedTrack has a special GPS tracker for following wagons and locomotives without power supply. Due to a long life battery it is possible to follow these valuables for a long time. Depending on the position frequency a day, you can rely on this battery for almost 2,5 years! The less positions a day, the longer the battery works ergo the longer you track and trace is operational. Use the tracker together with the magnet*, which can be mounted under the GPS tracker, and you have a track&trace system in one instant for almost everything you can think of, as long as the magnet sticks! Thanks to the build-in motion sensor the GPS-tracker can detect every motion, you will receive a signal as soon as the object is in motion.

Installation of this tracker is simple, so right after you receive the NedTrack you immediately have the opportunity to experience all its advantages!

Wagons, locomotives, passenger wagons, the Nedtrack 900 will cover their tracks!

* The magnet can be ordered separately.