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Why NedTrack?

NedTrack green driving

NedTrack offers you the most advanced and affordable GPS Tracking solutions to monitor your rolling stock and machinery. GPS and GSM technology enable you to monitor the vehicle(s) or machinery 24 hours a day / 7 days a week through the NedTrack web portal, so you can see where the objects are, the exact place, the time frames and their taken routes.

Choosing NedTrack means buying the quality you deserve! A fully automatic ride registration and live tracking of all your vehicle(s) and/or object(s), don’t go for less when you can have it all in one system.

NedTrack covers and takes care of your:

  • Automatic overview of all addresses visited, including the timeframe of the visit.
  • Increase of productivity by improving the overview in rolling stock / fieldwork.
  • Customized reports available per e-mail, at any given moment and time.
  • Grasp in the way of driving through registration of acceleration, deceleration and taking turns, gives awareness and makes saving fuel and reducing the CO2 emission possible.
  • Digital fencing by placing geofences in the web portal, so you will receive notification whenever the vehicle or machine enters or leaves this area.
  • Optional registration of: drivers name, engine on/off, business/private switch, temperature measurements etc.

  • NedTrack works through:
  • GPS and GSM technology, therefore you see the most recent and accurate position of your vehicle and/or object.
  • NedTrack defines the positions partly through a motion sensor in the GPS tracker. This sensor measures and records the angle-change (whenever a vehicle takes a turn), the time frames (every so often the position will be measured) and the distance (position measurements are recorded during movements).

  • Covering and taking care begins with:
    The installation of a small box in the vehicle, machinery or object (in case the object or machine has no own power supply we can deliver GPS trackers with battery).

    The installation will take place on location by one of our mechanics or if you choose so by yourself. Please contact us so that we can inform you about our possibilities!